Health insurance for newborns

Basic health insurance for your newborn is compulsory. If you do not take out health insurance before birth, you can still do so in the first three months afterwards. If you register late or do not register at all, you will be compulsorily assigned to a health insurance company for your baby.

Register your unborn child with the health insurance company of your choice today. insurando offers you the ability to choose the right health insurance for your unborn child online and to compare costs and premiums.

Providers for prenatal registration


From CHF


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Prenatal registration with Swica

Health insurance for your baby with up to 22% premium discount for the alternative basic health insurance model. Swica also offers attractive family discounts.

  • Best rating in Switzerland
  • Insurance cover abroad
  • Partial coverage of protective and travel vaccinations
  • Financial cover in the event of accident
  • Straightforward admission with consultation


From CHF


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Health insurance for babies

Take out health insurance for your baby with CSS Insurance before birth. CSS also grants generous discounts for alternative models.

  • Straightforward registration
  • Fully insured from birth onward
  • Accident insurance included
  • Attractive supplementary insurance

* Calculation criteria: age group of children, canton of Schwyz, with accident insurance, free choice of doctor and CHF 0 deductible (information provided without guarantee)

Good to know

  • Prenatal registration should be completed for compulsory health insurance and supplementary insurance.
  • With prenatal registration, your baby will already be insured at birth and will benefit from problem-free admission to supplementary insurance.
  • Admission to private health insurance is also guaranteed in the event of birth defects or illnesses.

Supplementary insurance

In Switzerland, you have the option of taking out supplementary insurance for your unborn child without a health check. Normally, you have to undergo a health check before you can take out voluntary supplementary insurance. This is not required in the case of prenatal registration.

Your child can be refused registration for supplementary insurance after birth if they have a birth defect. Accordingly, supplementary insurance should, if possible, always be taken out before birth.

If your baby is then born with an illness or ailment, they will be fully covered through prenatal registration. This even applies in the event of a premature birth.

With private or semi-private hospital cover under your supplementary insurance, you are entitled to have your child treated by a senior physician or chief physician and not by an assistant physician.

Register for prenatal insurance

As the benefits of supplementary insurance vary from one health insurance company to another, it is advisable to have an individual consultation with insurando. The personal consultation is free of charge and independent. Prenatal registration can be completed either through an advisor or online.