All persons working or residing in Switzerland need health insurance. This applies to foreign citizens as well as cross-border commuters who live in a neighbouring country such as Germany, Austria, Italy or France. Health insurance is also compulsory for people who want to move their future place of residence to Switzerland. With cross-border commuter insurance, you receive comprehensive cover in the event of accident and illness that meets the legal requirements.

Comparison of offers for cross-border commuters


From CHF


/ month *
ÖKK Euroline
  • No accident cover
  • Basic insurance under the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG)
  • General ward in hospital
  • Annual deductible CHF 300
  • Medication, medical aids


From CHF


/ month *
SWICA cross-border commuter insurance
  • No accident cover
  • Standard rate from the age of 26
  • Free choice of treatment location (Switzerland and country of residence)
  • Annual deductible CHF 300
  • Medication, medical aids

* We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. The premiums may differ from this offer.

Good to know

  • Health insurance is compulsory for cross-border commuters
  • Cross-border commuters must take out insurance within three months
  • If they fail to do so, the canton will choose a health insurance provider

Right of choice for cross-border commuters

As a cross-border commuter, you must register with a Swiss health insurance company – within three months. Cross-border commuters from Germany, Austria, France or Italy have a right of choice for the first three months. The right of choice entitles cross-border commuters to keep their previous health insurance under certain conditions.

By submitting an application to the relevant cantonal authority, you may be exempted from compulsory insurance under certain circumstances. However, this is only possible if you have comparable health insurance in your home country that covers all illness-related costs in Switzerland.

Cross-border commuters from other EU/EFTA states must by law take out compulsory health insurance in Switzerland as foreign citizens. If no health insurance company is selected in the first three months, the canton responsible will choose one for you. This usually leads to higher premiums and additional costs for cross-border commuters. Accordingly, it is advantageous to select health insurance yourself.

Moving to Switzerland (immigrants/newcomers)

If your future place of residence will be in Switzerland, you must register with a Swiss health insurance company within three months. This applies to Swiss citizens who have been abroad for a significant period of time and to foreign citizens with a settlement permit B or C. It is important not to miss the deadline for registration, as otherwise you will have no insurance cover in the event of illness and will still have to pay premiums retroactively. In addition, if you register correctly and on time, you will avoid unnecessary costs.


Anyone who works in Switzerland (self-employed or employed) and lives in an EU/EFTA country is considered a cross-border commuter.

As soon as you are gainfully employed in Switzerland, you must have health insurance. According to the law, you are obliged to register with a health insurance company within three months.

You have the opportunity to exercise your right of choice with the relevant cantonal authority within three months. This decision is irrevocable and should therefore be carefully considered.