Legal insurance in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are many insurers that offer legal protection for private individuals. Legal insurance protects you against financial risks that may arise from legal disputes. It normally pays legal fees and court costs up to the agreed coverage limit.

Benefits also include legal consultations with a lawyer.

Personal legal protection

Personal legal protection provides assistance in the event of legal disputes relating to civil law. This includes, for example, tenancy law, employment law and contract law.

Personal legal protection

Traffic legal protection

Traffic legal protection insurance assists you in the event of legal problems and disputes related to road traffic. With traffic legal protection insurance, you are protected as driver and pedestrian against legal risks.

Traffic legal protection


The legal protection insurance offers a variety of services & benefits to assist you in a wide range of legal situations.

Cost coverage

One of the core benefits of a legal protection insurance is the coverage of various costs associated with legal disputes. This includes attorney and expert fees, court and procedural costs, as well as the costs for the opposing party should you lose the case.

Legal advice

The legal insurance typically provide legal advice, where you can consult a qualified lawyer or jurist for legal questions. This advice can be given over the phone, by email, or in a personal meeting.

Freedom to choose your lawyer

Depending on your legal insurance, you may have the option to freely choose the lawyer who will assist you in your legal matters.

Support in mediation

Many legal protection insurers also support mediation – a form of dispute resolution where a neutral third party helps to reach an agreement.

Worldwide protection

Most legal insurances offer worldwide coverage, ensuring that you are protected abroad if you need legal support.

Good to know

  • For private individuals, legal expenses insurance is offered in the form of personal and traffic legal protection insurance.
  • Legal protection insurance with a minimum amount in dispute or a deductible should not be taken out.
  • In addition, the waiting period, the sum insured, the deductible and the minimum amount in dispute may differ from product to product, sometimes significantly.

Legal insurance comparison

Before taking out legal insurance, you should make a free comparison at insurando. The premium calculator compares benefits and premiums of legal insurance products in Switzerland.

Insurance companies often offer a discount when combining personal and traffic legal protection insurance.


A combination of a personal and traffic legal protection insurance costs between CHF 200 and CHF 400 per year.

Legal insurance does not cover all risks in daily life. Legal expenses insurance is limited to civil law and traffic law. This means that disputes relating to family law, such as divorce or inheritances, are not covered by legal protection insurance. Furthermore, a comparison shows that even leasing disputes are also excluded under certain insurance policies.

  • When the contract term expires, subject to compliance with the notice period.
  • In the event of a claim, legal protection insurance can be cancelled by either party.
  • When relocating abroad.

It covers the following costs:

  • Legal fees
  • Costs for expert opinions
  • Advance for security deposits
  • Reimbursement of the opposing party’s trial costs
  • Court costs

Costs for fines and compensation payments, as well as costs incurred by third parties, are not covered.

A 90-day waiting period means that no insurance cover exists during the first three months. Legal claims can only be filed with the insurance company after 90 days.