Pet insurance in Switzerland

Switzerland is the land of pets. There are more than a half million dogs and over 1.4 million cats in Switzerland. At most 5% to 10% of owners have corresponding pet insurance.

Pet insurance covers the cost of medical treatment costs in the event of accident or illness. Not only dogs and cats can be insured, but also pets like birds, horses and farm animals.

Good to know

  • Pet insurance protects you against financial problems if your pet requires medical assistance.
  • Dogs, cats, birds and horses can be insured at low cost against illness and accidents.
  • Vaccination costs are often not covered by the insurance.
  • In most cases, a separate insurance policy is taken out for each pet.

Dog insurance

Dog insurance covers all costs for your four-legged friend in the event of an accident or illness. There are various providers in Switzerland.

Dog insurance

Cat insurance

Insure your cat against accident, illness and death. Make a premium comparison at insurando and find the right pet insurance for your cat.

Cat insurance

Pet health insurance

Veterinary treatments can get very expensive in some cases. Pet health insurance normally covers between 60% and 90% of the costs. In addition to getting partial coverage of veterinarian bills, it is also possible to obtain death benefit insurance.

Pet health insurance may include the following benefits:

  • Treatment costs in the event of illness or accident
  • Vaccinations (are rarely covered)
  • Important surgical procedures
  • Boarding costs at an animal hospital
  • Medication
  • Emergency transport costs
  • Alternative medicine

Compare pet insurance products

A comparison of pet insurance products is recommended, because benefits and prices of providers may differ significantly. The amount of the premium depends on the insured benefits. Certain insurers offer pet insurance as an add-on module to household insurance. You can find a brief comparison of the desired pet insurance products on insurando.

Pet liability insurance

Caution: Pet health insurance does not protect you against financial losses that your pet causes to other people or third-party property. In certain cantons, liability insurance is mandatory for certain pets. Those who already have personal liability insurance are normally in good hands.


A Pet insurance will protect you from unexpectedly high treatment costs. Like human also Pets should receive the medical help they need in case of illness or accident. Since hospital stays, operations and medication are expensive, a pet insurance is the ideal solution to avoid additonal pressure on your household budget. As an pet-owner, you are also legally obliged to have an injured or sick animal treated.

This depends on the provider. In fact, for dog insurance as well as for cat insurance, there is a insurance provider who accepts cats and dogs without any age limit.

The cancellation conditions are regulated in the general terms and conditions of the insurance providers. In general, pet insurance policies can also be terminated with retention of the notice period. The contract can also be terminated with immediate effect if the pet has died or been sold.