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In Switzerland, accident insurance is compulsory for domestic staff. This relates not only to the cleaner but also to the nanny, the gardener and even the babysitter. Insurance for your cleaner or nanny is not expensive, but it is necessary. Accident insurance for your domestic staff is limited to occupational accidents if the weekly working time does not exceed eight hours. If working time per week exceeds eight hours, you are also required to have your employees insured against non-occupational accidents.

LAI providers for domestic staff


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Domestic staff insurance

AXA’s insurance solution provides the necessary accident insurance for your domestic staff for just CHF 100 a year.

The following requirements must be met:

  • Working time of eight hours per week is not exceeded
  • Wages do not exceed at most CHF 15,000 per year.


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Insurance for domestic staff

Mobiliar provides the compulsory accident insurance for domestic help, such as babysitters, gardeners and cleaners, for CHF 100 a year.

Requirements for the insurance solution:

  • Working time may not exceed eight hours per week.
  • Annual wages may not exceed CHF 10,000.

* Benefits and cover pursuant to the general conditions of insurance of the respective insurers. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

Occupational accident insurance for domestic staff

Request a quote for occupational accident insurance for the following domestic staff:

  • Cleaner
  • Nanny
  • Babysitter
  • Gardener


Your domestic help may not work for you for more than eight hours per week, and annual wages may not exceed CHF 10,000 / 15,000.

Good to know

  • Accident insurance for domestic help is compulsory.
  • Cover is limited to occupational accidents.
  • Compulsory accident insurance for your cleaner costs only about CHF 100 per year.

Compulsory insurance for domestic staff

Once you hire domestic staff, you are required by law to pay social insurance contributions and take out accident insurance from the insurer of your choice.

The following examples show why accident insurance is necessary for your domestic help:

Example 1:

Your cleaner stumbles while cleaning the stairs and breaks a leg. The accident is classified as an occupational accident. If compulsory accident insurance is not in place for your domestic staff, you as employer must pay all costs. In the event of serious accidents, this can amount to tens of thousands of francs.

Example 2:

Your nanny suffers a serious burn while cooking and needs emergency hospital treatment. Since there is no compulsory occupational accident insurance in place for your domestic help, you as the employer must pay all costs.
In addition, you will be fined, and criminal proceedings will likely be initiated for illegal employment. Moreover, you will have to pay the missing social insurance contributions for the last five years.

Services and advantages at a glance

  • Assumption of hospital, nursing and medical costs
  • Pension in the event of disability
  • Daily allowance in the event of incapacity for work
  • Coverage of occupational accidents at work and on the way to work
  • Low annual premium


The annual premium amounts to roughly CHF 100.

Only if your domestic help (cleaner, gardener, nanny, babysitter) works for you for more than eight hours week.

If the cleaner, gardener or nanny is employed by a company, then the domestic help is insured through that company. In this case, you are a customer and not an employer.

Only if the babysitter is older than 25 and the annual wages are more than CHF 750.