Why dog insurance?

Dog insurance protects you against unexpected financial burdens if your four-legged friend becomes sick or requires other medical attention. Although dog insurance is usually a sensible choice, only about 4% to 10% of owners in Switzerland have insurance protection.

Best offers

wau-miau (ERV)

From CHF


/ month *
  • Veterinarian can be freely chosen in Switzerland & EU
  • Cost-sharing for emergency transports, rescue and recovery
  • Physiotherapy, acupuncture included


  • CHF 5’000


  • CHF 250

Waiting period

  • 10-day waiting period in the event of accident
  • 30-day waiting period in the event of illness

Maximum age

Your dog must be older than 3 months and younger than 6 years.

* We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

Good to know

  • Dog insurance should be taken out when the dog is between 3 months and 7 years old.
  • The insurer will pay the costs incurred in the event of illness or accident.
  • Liability insurance for your dog is mandatory is most Swiss cantons.

Costs in case of illness and accident

According to statistics, every year 1 out of 10 dogs in Switzerland has an illness or accident that requires treatment. Depending on the treatment, veterinary costs average between CHF 500 and CHF 2000. Operations for tumors, ruptured cruciate ligaments or gastric torsion are particularly expensive. Even an inexpensive dog insurance pays off.

Dog health insurance

Veterinary bills can quickly amount to four figures. A dog health insurer will pay the medical expenses for your dog in the event of illness. The benefits depend on the respective insurance provider. Insured benefits normally include:

  • Veterinary examinations
  • Medication
  • Operations/surgical procedures
  • Various X-ray studies
  • Physiotherapy
  • Euthanasia
  • Hospital stays and in-patient treatments

Dog accident insurance

With accident insurance, the insurer will pay the costs associated with the accident. In many cases, the chosen sum insured is decisive. Benefits usually vary from insurer to insurer. Other benefits include:

  • Emergency transport
  • Emergency care in the event of poisoning
  • Cover in the event of accidents at home and outdoors

Liability insurance for dogs

In certain cantons, liability insurance is mandatory for your dog. The dog is correspondingly insured as part of your personal liability insurance. As dog owner, you are personally liable without limitation for damages caused by your dog. Without corresponding liability insurance, it can get very expensive if third parties are injured.


When you take out dog insurance, you as owner must observe a waiting period. During the waiting period, you cannot claim any insurance benefits.

Normally, the dog health insurer does not pay for vaccinations. However, there are insurance products that include supplementary benefits, like vaccinations, in the cover in exchange for a higher premium.

This depends on the insurance provisions of the respective dog insurer. As a general rule, you should choose a dog insurance product that allows you to freely choose a veterinarian.

Dog insurance can in many cases be very worthwhile for young dogs. For older dogs, it is usually not possible to take out dog insurance. Therefore, insurance should be taken out as early as possible.