Life insurance in Switzerland

Life insurance can cover financial risks resulting from death, disability or incapacity for work. Furthermore, endowment life insurance policies can make a major contribution to retirement savings. In Switzerland, life insurance is part of Pillar 3 as retirement savings.

Life insurance can make a great deal of sense in certain situations. Whether you want to save for old age, reduce your taxes or provide financial security for your surviving dependents. At insurando, you will find the right life insurance with attractive conditions.

Good to know

  • A life insurance policy can be used to secure or build up retirement savings.
  • Savings and insurance can be concluded separately with a life insurance policy.
  • With a life insurance policy (payments into Pillar 3) you can save taxes.

Comparison of life insurance

Before you compare the different life insurance providers, you should find out exactly what kind of life insurance you need at insurando. On our site, you will find the most popular forms of life insurance in Switzerland: mixed life insurance, whole life insurance and life annuity.

If you are interested in an individual solution, please contact us for a free consultation with no obligations.

Mixed life insurance (capital redemption insurance)

Do you want to save capital over several years and at the same time cover various risks such as death or disability? Mixed life insurance is a form of endowment insurance.

Mixed life insurance 3a

Death benefit insurance / term life insurance

To ensure that your family or partner is financially secure in the event of your death, whole life insurance offers the ideal protection. This insurance is pure term life insurance.

Whole life insurance

Savings or protection?

Life insurance not only provides financial protection for your surviving dependents when you die. Life insurance is also a popular tool to secure your financial future after you retire. In order to be able to continue the same lifestyle at OASI (AHV) age, you will be dependent on more capital. The first and second pillars (OASI [AHV] and pension fund) cover about 60–70% of your last salary. This pension gap of up to 40% can be successfully closed with life insurance (Pillar 3 retirement savings).


  • Families: Life insurance is particularly suitable for families with children. In the event of your death, your loved ones will be financially protected.
  • Self-employed persons: Since Pillar 2 is often not available for self-employed persons, a life insurance policy can close this gap.
  • Homeowners: With term life insurance, you can protect your surviving dependents and your home will remain affordable for the next generation.

No blanket answer can be given. The monthly costs depend on the benefits you expect. A pure whole life insurance policy without an endowment can be taken out for CHF 30/month. Endowment life insurance is available – depending on the product – for as little as CHF 100 per month.

With Pillar 3a, you can deduct payments from your taxes. For employed persons with a pension fund, the maximum tax deduction is CHF 6,883 per year. This means you can save between CHF 1,500 and CHF 2,500, depending on where you live. Self-employed persons without a pension fund can deduct up to CHF 34,416 from their taxable income.