Traffic legal protection insurance assists you in the event of legal cases and disputes related to road traffic. In addition, traffic legal protection insurance offers legal assistance by attorneys in the event of legal disputes relating to the purchase, leasing or repair of a vehicle.

Benefits and cover

The benefits of the traffic legal protection can vary slightly from insurer to insurer in some cases.

The following benefits are covered:

  • Advice from attorneys
  • Payment of attorney’s fees
  • Payment of court costs
  • Mediation costs
  • Translation costs
  • Payment of appraisal costs
  • Payment of the opposing party’s court costs

Comparison of offers

CAP (Allianz)

From CHF


/ year
Legal fields
  • Traffic law
  • Contract law
  • Criminal law (limited to road traffic)


  • Payment of attorney’s fees and trial costs
  • Legal advice by phone
  • Payment of experts


  • CHF 600’000 EU & CH
  • CHF 150,000 worldwide


From CHF


/ year *
Legal fields
  • Contract law (leasing, purchase and repair)
  • Criminal law (limited to road traffic)
  • Traffic law


  • Assistance in the event of accidents or confiscation of licence
  • Legal advice by phone
  • Payment of attorney’s fees and court costs
  • Payment of court costs
  • Free choice of attorney


  • Switzerland and EU: CHF 1 million
  • Worldwide coverage: CHF 100,000

* Calculation basis: Under age 26 -30% discount.
** Deductible is CHF 0, the contract term is one year.

Good to know

  • Traffic legal protection insurance also often applies for cyclists, pedestrians or airline passengers.
  • Not all legal fields are covered by legal expenses insurance. It is advisable to examine the exclusions carefully when making a comparison.
  • Not paid are: Fines and compensation payments.

Legal fields

The following legal fields are normally covered by traffic legal protection insurance:

  • Contract law for vehicles (leasing, purchase, sale, rental and repair)
  • Insurance law (disputes with the motor vehicle insurer)
  • Criminal law (unjustified confiscation of licence, enforcement of compensation claims as a pedestrian or vehicle driver)
  • Compensation (compensation claims under statutory or contractual liability)
  • Victim assistance (clarification of the claim, as well as help with the application)


The insurer will not pay fines. Furthermore, it will not cover compensation payments. If the speed limit was exceeded by a significant amount, or if the driver did not have a valid driving licence at the time the damage occurred, the legal expenses insurer will refuse all benefits.

In certain cases, the legal expenses insurer can refuse cover in the event of negligence or gross negligence (driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding offence). The insurer defines the exclusions in the GCI (General Conditions of Insurance).

Yes, legal expenses insurance also supports your legal interests as a pedestrian. If as a pedestrian you are injured by a driver, legal expenses insurance helps you to enforce any claims.