Why take out personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance covers all damages that you cause to someone else’s property or to third parties. In Switzerland, personal liability insurance is not compulsory but nevertheless advisable for everyone. The annual premium is very low compared to the insurance cover received. In addition, personal liability insurance also protects you as pet owner.

Personal liability insurance comparison

Insurers often offer personal liability in combination with contents insurance. A comparison has shown that, under certain circumstances, further premiums can be saved if personal liability is not taken out with the same insurer as the contents insurance.

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Best offers in Switzerland


From CHF


/ year *

Allianz offers personal liability insurance for only CHF 113.00 per year *.

  • Sum insured: CHF 5 million
  • Deductible CHF 300


  • Gross negligence protection
  • Third party driver insurance

The sum insured and the deductible can be adjusted. In combination with a household insurance there is a discount.


From CHF


/ year *
Minima personal liability insurance

The personal liability insurance from Mobiliar covers the risks of personal liability starting from CHF 92.70 per year.

• Deductible of CHF 400
• Damages to other people’s vehicles are covered
• Guaranteed sum of CHF 5 million to CHF 10 million
• Discount when combined with contenets insurance
• Also pays damages of third parties in an emergency

Mobiliar has received top marks in terms of customer satisfaction on multiple occasions. Mobiliar-Versicherung excels not only with the product but also with specialised expertise and service quality.

* Calculation basis: individual, tenant, residence in Zurich ZH, born 1988

Good to know

  • Personal liability insurance is voluntary – but important!
  • All persons in the same household are also insured (children, spouse)
  • The insurance covers claims for personal injury and property damage.
  • Personal liability insurance also protects against unjustified claims by third parties
  • Personal liability insurance also protects dog owners

What damages are covered?

With personal liability insurance, insurers often offer basic protection covering the following damages:

  • Property damage: Destroying or damaging the property of others
  • Personal injury: Damage to the health of third parties, as well as injuries, whether fatal or not
  • Financial losses incurred from property damage and personal injury
  • Legal assistance for unjustified liability claims by third parties
  • Damage caused by pets (e.g. dogs)

With a corresponding supplementary cover, other risks can be additionally insured, such as gross negligence.

Sample cases

The following examples are intended to show why it is important not to forego personal liability insurance.

Liability case 1:

While playing football outside, your child accidentally hits the neighbour’s window. In addition to the window pane, an expensive vase in the apartment was also broken. The calculated damages amount to more than CHF 8,000. Without personal liability insurance, you would now have to pay the damage in full.

Liability case 2:

While the ski slope, you crash into another person, despite skiing at a normal speed. The person suffers serious injuries and is unable to work for several years. The costs for the loss of income, treatment, attorney and compensation for pain and suffering amount to well over CHF 500,000. Without personal liability insurance, such an incident can jeopardise your financial existence.


  • Damages that are caused intentionally
  • Damages incurred as a result of a criminal act
  • Damages from contractual liability
  • Consequential damages from infectious diseases
  • Damages related to wear and tear

  • Three months before the end of the agreed contract term
  • Adjustment/increase of the insurance premiums
  • In the event of a claim

The amount of the deductible can be determined individually when the contract was concluded. The deductible for personal liability insurance normally amounts to CHF 200.