Overview of travel insurance

Instead of taking out individual insurance for each trip, you can protect yourself against potential risks before and during the trip for the entire year with a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance can include a variety of insurance benefits, like cancellation protection, personal assistance, vehicle/breakdown assistance, medical expenses, repatriation from abroad, luggage insurance and legal expenses.

The best offers in Switzerland

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Benefits & cover:

  • Cancellation costs
  • Repatriation & rescue
  • Assistance
  • Substitute travel
  • Medical expenses abroad
  • Flight delay
  • Legal expenses
  • Breakdown assistance

This product does not include any luggage insurance.

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Comparison of travel insurance products

A comparison shows that the differences in the premiums of travel insurers are quite significant. In addition, not all travel insurance products include the same components, modules and benefits. By comparing offers, you have the possibility to find an affordable offer that is right for you.

Good to know

  • Annual insurance can be taken out with various supplementary benefits.
  • It is only worth insuring against the risks that are really needed.
  • Basic insurance does not pay any rescue costs abroad. Travel insurance, however, does.
  • The credit card that you use to book your trip often includes individual benefits of a travel insurance policy.

Insured risks

Travel insurance is divided into the following categories / modules:

Trip cancellation insurance

If you are unable to take the trip due to illness, accident or complications with pregnancy, trip cancellation insurance will pay the cancellation costs. Travel protection is advisable, since without cancellation insurance, you will have to pay the high costs of cancellation or rebooking yourself.

Personal assistance

The personal assistance option under the travel insurance pays all costs of an early repatriation. This includes, for example, rescue operations abroad. Risks like political unrest, earthquakes, accident and illness are covered.

International health insurance and medical expenses

Medical expenses abroad can be greatly higher than in Switzerland. In the US or Japan, treatments are particularly expensive. International health insurance can be taken out as part of travel insurance or as a supplementary insurance policy. International health insurance is worthwhile for travel outside of Europe.

Luggage insurance

Luggage insurance protects you in the event of damage, theft or loss. In addition, luggage insurance will reimburse the costs of replacement purchases if luggage is delivered late.

Travel legal expenses insurance

Travel legal expenses insurance offers assistance in the event of legal issues and legal disputes abroad. In addition, it pays attorney’s fees and indemnities for court costs up to a maximum sum insured.


In the case of travel to the US, Asia or South America, you should have international health insurance. The sum insured should be sufficiently high, since in countries like the US, treatment costs and doctor’s bills may be four to eight times higher than in Switzerland.

Travel insurance renews every year and can be cancelled not later than three months prior to expiry. You also have the option to cancel in the event of a claim or premium increase. These provisions may vary slightly from provider to provider.