What does accident insurance offer for individuals?

Personal accident insurance is a sensible addition to your compulsory accident insurance. Irrespective of other insurance policies, you receive additional cover in the event of personal or occupational accidents world-wide. With personal accident insurance, you can protect yourself and your family against financial problems in the event of an accident.

Personal accident insurance for children and young people

It is highly advisable to take out accident insurance for your child, since accidents are not uncommon in childhood. With personal accident insurance for children, you as parent can financially protect yourself against the potential disability of your child in the event of a serious accident. In addition, accidents that occur abroad are also covered in full. Such benefits do not exist with the accident insurance provided by your health insurance fund.

Personal accident insurance for stay-at-home spouses

Stay-at-home spouses also need personal accident insurance to protect themselves against threats to their livelihood in the event of serious accidents. The statutory cover under your health insurance does not include a lump-sum death benefit or daily allowances, nor does it pay hospital costs worldwide. Personal accident insurance for stay-at-home spouses covers all costs in the event of accidents.

Personal accident insurance for self-employed persons

Self-employed persons are usually insured against accidents by their health insurance. In the event of an accident, part of the medical expenses are covered. However, continued payment of wages is not protected. The self-employed in particular are usually under-insured. Continued payment of wages with daily allowances can be guaranteed only through personal accident insurance.

Good to know

  • Personal accident insurance serves to protect one’s livelihood.
  • Lump-sum payments are made in the event of inability to work or disability.
  • Benefits and cover can be customised.

Benefits and advantages

  • Daily allowances in the event of inability to work
  • Hospital costs and medical expenses are covered worldwide
  • Dental expenses in the event of accidents
  • Lump-sum disability benefit (one-time payment in the event of disability)
  • Lump-sum death benefit (one-time payment to surviving dependants)
  • Private or semi-private ward in the hospital
  • Payment and cover are independent of other insurances

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