Premiums of the best health insurance

At insurando, you can get a free comparison of the current health insurance premiums for 2024. By comparing premiums, you can find out how high your savings potential will be if you change insurance companies this year.

Reduce your financial expenses by changing your basic and supplementary health insurance. Use our premium calculator to select your desired deductible, accident cover (if you are not insured through your employer), current health insurance company, and cu
rrent and future insurance model (standard, GP, HMO, other models). The insurando health insurance comparison then calculates the best and cheapest health insurance for you.

Good to know

  • Health insurance premiums have risen by an average of 8.7% in Switzerland in 2024.
  • Health insurance benefits are regulated by the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG).
  • More than 50 health insurance companies are licensed in Switzerland (including regional insurers).
  • Comparing health insurance serves to optimise premiums on an annual basis.

Compare insurance models

Using simple filter criteria, the insurando premium calculator calculates your possible savings potential when comparing health insurance companies. In addition to the standard model, all available insurance models such as HMO, GP and Telmed are taken into account. The calculation is based on the current and official data from Priminfo (Federal Office of Public Health FOPH) in combination with the individual data provided by you.

Deductible adjustment

By reducing or increasing your deductible rate, you can positively influence your savings opportunities with the insurando premium calculator. The deductible amount is your desired contribution to annual costs such as doctor’s bills, expenses for medication and hospital fees. The higher the deductible, the lower the monthly health insurance premium.


Insurance is compulsory for all persons who reside or work in Switzerland. However, you are free to choose your health insurance company.

The following recognised notice periods apply:

  • If you want to cancel with effect from 31 December 2023, you must give notice to your previous health insurance company by registered letter by 30 November 2023.
  • If you want to cancel with effect from 30 June 2024, you must give notice to your previous health insurance company by registered letter by 31 March 2024. Caution: Only insured persons with a standard insurance model and a deductible of CHF 300 may cancel their insurance on this date. For all other cases, cancellation is only possible with effect from 31 December 2022.

Generally, benefits abroad are only covered by your health insurance in an emergency and only under certain circumstances. Furthermore, cover is limited to countries within the EU.

Emergency treatment in countries outside the EU is not covered by compulsory health insurance. Supplementary insurance makes up for this gap in cover.

  • You must notify your health insurance company in writing of any increase in your deductible by 31 December 2023.
  • A reduction of the deductible must be notified in writing to your health insurance company by 30 November 2023.

In Switzerland, the benefits of compulsory health insurance are regulated by the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG). For supplementary insurance, benefits are regulated by the terms and conditions of insurance of the respective provider.

With insurando’s non-binding and transparent health insurance comparison, you can find out which health insurance company has the lowest premiums in your region. By comparing all health insurance premiums in Switzerland, you can save up to several thousand francs when changing providers.

Basic health insurance

In Switzerland, basic health insurance is compulsory for everyone. The benefits are defined by law. All health insurance companies in Switzerland are required to accept you. Check your options within just a few minutes by comparing premiums for compulsory basic health insurance from different health insurance companies.

Basic health insurance

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance is voluntary and the benefits vary depending on the insurance company. Supplementary insurance can protect you from unexpectedly high costs in the event of an emergency. The amount of the premiums depends on various factors such as age and risk. A comparison is recommended, as the potential for savings is high.

Supplementary insurance

Prenatal registration

Registering for health insurance for your baby before birth has important advantages: Supplementary health insurance for your child can be taken out without a health check with prenatal registration. Registration for supplementary insurance after birth may require a health check.

Prenatal registration

Cross-border commuters / newcomers

All persons residing in Switzerland must be insured against illness and accident. These legal requirements also apply to newcomers and cross-border commuters. You will find all the information you need with the appropriate health insurance on this page.

Cross-border commuters / newcomers