Premium comparison for motorcycle insurance products

Compare premiums and benefits of motorcycle insurers online with just a few clicks. With the insurando premium calculator, find low-cost insurance for your motorcycle, scooter or Vespa.


From CHF


/ year *

Liability, including bonus cover

  • Sum insured of CHF 100 million
  • Deductible CHF 0.00
  • Coverage for gross negligence

Partially comprehensive cover

  • Deductible CHF 200
  • Parking damage up to CHF 1’000

Comprehensive cover 

  • Deductible CHF 1’000
  • Coverage for gross negligence


  • Orion motor legal protection free for one year


From CHF


/ year *
AXA Compact


  • Premium scale 30%
  • Deductible CHF 0.00

Partially comprehensive cover

  • Deductible CHF 0.00

Comprehensive cover 

  • Deductible CHF 1’000

Also included

  • Free choice of repair shop
  • Glass breakage Plus included
  • Bonus cover and gross negligence

* Motorcycle model: HONDA CRF 1100L Africa Twin, Price: CHF 15,960, accessories: CHF 1,596, registration date: 01.2021, driver: 37 years, CH citizen

Good to know

  • Motorcycle liability insurance is compulsory – comprehensive or partially comprehensive cover is voluntary.
  • Motorcycle comprehensive cover is normally worthwhile only for new motorcycles.
  • Motorcycle partially comprehensive cover makes sense for motorcycles that are not more than seven years old.

Motorcycle insurance cover in Switzerland

To licence a motorcycle, the cantonal Road Traffic Office will require a valid insurance certificate. Motorcycles and scooters fall under the category of vehicles and are treated accordingly in Switzerland for insurance purposes. The insurance companies offer classic types of cover, such as liability, partially comprehensive cover and comprehensive cover.


Liability insurance for your motorcycle, Vespa or scooter is compulsory in Switzerland and a requirement for licensing. Liability insurance covers damages that you cause with your bike to other vehicles or persons.

Partially comprehensive cover

Partially comprehensive insurance covers damages to your motorcycle or scooter that were not caused by you. These include, for instance, damages due to storms, floods, snow, fire and also theft. It normally pays to take our partially comprehensive insurance for motorcycles that are less than seven years old.

Comprehensive cover

Like partially comprehensive cover, motorcycle comprehensive cover is a voluntary insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers damages caused to your own motorcycle by someone else. Comprehensive insurance is compulsory for leased motorcycles. Comprehensive collision cover is also very advisable for new motorcycles.

Supplementary insurance for motorcycles

Motorcycle insurance can include various options and supplementary insurance in the insurance cover. It needs to be clarified exactly whether the benefit of the supplementary insurance actually justifies the added costs due to an increased premium.

Parking damage

The parking damage supplement makes sense for new motorcycles and scooters. The parking damage supplement covers damages caused to the parked motorcycle by other vehicles or persons.

Protective clothing

In some cases, protective clothing for motorcyclists can cost several thousand francs. With this supplementary cover, the protective clothing is replaced in the event of damage due to accident or theft.

Additional accident insurance

Accident insurance, which is offered as an optional supplement for motorcycle and scooter insurance, is usually not worth it. Persons whose place of residence is in Switzerland are insured against accident either by their employer or by their health insurance fund. Accident insurance is worthwhile only if the driver of the motorcycle or scooter takes passengers from abroad who are not insured against accident.

Breakdown/roadside assistance

The insurance supplement “breakdown assistance for motorcycle and scooter insurance” offers help in the event of an accident and covers the costs of breakdown assistance. In addition, depending on the type of insurance, a replacement vehicle will even be provided. Certain insurers also offer breakdown/roadside assistance throughout Europe. Breakdown assistance should be included in the insurance for motorcycles. If motorcycle trips are taken regularly outside of Switzerland, breakdown assistance should be expanded to cover the EU area.


Suspension means surrendering the licence plates to the Road Traffic Office. If you sign a suspension waiver for the insurance, you waive the option to surrender the licence plates with the Road Traffic Office if you are not using the motorcycle. In return, you receive a lower annual premium.

However, a suspension waiver for motorcycle insurance is only worthwhile if you use your motorcycle, scooter or Vespa for more than nine months a year. Otherwise, it is cheaper to surrender the licence plates to the Road Traffic Office.

The insurance for your motorcycle, scooter or Vespa can be switched or cancelled in the following cases:

Cancellation of the contract by the insurer or the customer in the event of a claim.

Cancellation of motorcycle insurance
The notice period (pursuant to the contract) is decisive for valid contract cancellation. Ordinary notice of cancellation is not possible until the contract ends.

Change of owner
If the licence plates are transferred to a person or company, the insurance term ends automatically. The premium for the remaining term will be refunded by the insurer.

Change of motorcycle
If you change motorcycles (e.g. new purchase/trade-in), you can cancel the motorcycle insurance and take out a policy with a less expensive insurer.

Premium increase
If the insurance company announces a premium increase, you can cancel the motorcycle insurance effective at the end of the year.

Normally, comprehensive cover makes sense only if the motorcycle is less than four years old. If the motorcycle is leased, the leasing company will require comprehensive insurance. The costs for motorcycle insurance can be high in some cases. It is definitely advisable to compare premiums.

Partially comprehensive cover is recommended for motorcycles and scooters that are in mint condition and whose initial registration was at most seven years ago.