Term insurance and savings

Mixed life insurance is a combination of endowment insurance and whole life insurance. With capital redemption insurance, you build up capital over several years through recurring payments, and this capital becomes available to you at retirement in addition to OASI (AHV) and your pension fund. The included death benefit cover offers a guaranteed lump-sum death benefit, the amount of which can be freely determined.

Good to know

  • Mixed insurance combines whole life insurance with capital redemption insurance.
  • With mixed life insurance, capital is saved over several years.
  • This form of endowment insurance can be used to secure a mortgage.
  • Payments into Pillar 3a can be deducted from your taxes.

The best offers


Flex Saving capital redemption insurance

Allianz’s mixed life insurance offers the following advantages:

  • Flexible savings
  • Variable interest rates
  • Additional payout in the event of death
  • Savings default insurance in the event of disability
  • Guaranteed pension in the event of death
  • Tax advantages in Pillar 3a

Groupe Mutuel

Tied pension plan

Groupe Mutuel Pillar 3a tied pension with various additional modules.

  • Security & return in a mixed life insurance policy
  • Financing from CHF 100 per month
  • Savings in the form of investment fund units
  • Traditional savings possible
  • Whole life insurance as an additional module
  • Premium waiver in case of disability

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Benefits of mixed life insurance 3a

Mixed life insurance in Pillar 3a offers various advantages.

Flexible capital accumulation

Insurance policies offer various options for investing your capital wisely. You decide yourself when and how much you want to pay into 3a life insurance. By means of a premium split, you can even invest part of your premium in shares to get a higher return. The longer the endowment insurance exists, the higher the capital to be paid out will be at the time of termination.

Integrated lump-sum death benefit

With the integrated lump-sum death benefit, you provide additional financial protection for your family, partner or the person of your choice. Should death occur, the beneficiaries will receive the agreed sum insured.

Various additional insurance policies

You can adapt the mixed life insurance to your wishes by means of additional options. Possible additional insurance policies: disability pension in the event of accident or illness, exemption from premium payment in the event of unemployment or death.

Great tax advantages from 3a life insurance

Payments into mixed 3a life insurance can be deducted from your taxes. The annual amount that can be deducted for tax purposes is CHF 6,883.

Early payout, surrender

The 3a life insurance policy can be terminated prematurely for a home purchase or deposited as collateral. Furthermore, transfer to another 3a account is possible at any time.